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Wading into online parts sales, collision

Franchised car dealers can find lots of opportunities in selling parts online. But it's not a world for the faint of heart.

We need more data on the effects of EVs

More information is needed on the explicit environmental effects of electrification, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Nissan bears down on lineup overhaul

Nissan is pushing through its product revival to bring out 10 new or updated models in a span of 20 months.

Honda's crossovers getting a redesign

Honda is at the front end of an overhaul of all of its crossovers, with expectations of more hybrid models and its first mainstream battery electric.

Nikola founder designed truck via tweets

Federal prosecutors say Trevor Milton announced plans for a drinking fountain inside the Badger fuel cell pickup before telling his engineers or even finding out if it was doable.

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