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The hidden carbon footprint of aluminum cars

If the automotive industry's shift toward aluminum is being driven primarily by environmental concerns, it makes sense to scrutinize the carbon footprint of the aluminum industry itself. And the picture is far from uniformly positive.

Subaru expands turbo engine use to Outback

For the first time since 2009, Subaru is offering a turbo engine in the Outback midsize crossover.

Toyota teases its plans for Olympics in Tokyo

Toyota's plan to showcase new mobility technologies at next year's Summer Olympics is still under construction. But more ideas might be in the works.

Smart investment: Give UAW a bigger cut of the profits

As union negotiations begin, automakers should consider greater profit-sharing with workers, even as the industry faces a weakening market.

Google Sidewalk Labs eyes Toronto for 'city within a city'

The latest call to discourage vehicle ownership comes from the Google affiliate, which envisions a city with fleets of autonomous vehicles.