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Inflatable billboard gives Lexus a lift in Motor City

For the Japanese luxury brand, which bought the naming rights under a four-year agreement in late 2017, the Velodrome is a way to boost brand recognition along a busy corridor in the heart of Detroit.

Child-detection technology needs mandate

Congress should mandate child-detection technology to save lives, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Frankfurt hits und misses

The Honda e, Porsche Taycan Turbo and Volkswagen ID3 were among the Frankfurt auto show hits, as selected by reporter Larry P. Vellequette. There were misses, too.

Support for a deal can be won or lost on Facebook

The narrative on many union issues is now shaped on Facebook and Twitter, where dissident views can snowball into rejection of the labor agreements that negotiators have been working to reach.

Supply base better equipped to handle downturn than in '09

Despite downward pressure, the automotive supply base is significantly stronger and more financially savvy than it was before the Great Recession.